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Summer First Timers

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Matt shows how a first timer would tumble-up barefoot on the boom. The tumble-up is one of the easiest barefoot starts. It gets you into a locked three-point position so you can plant your feet easily to glide across the water.

Deb first time barefooting on the boom using the harness 3-point method. The harness is the easiest barefoot start for someone weighing 150 lbs or less. It gets you started in the correct position so you can focus on a locked three point position so you plant your feet easily to glide across the water.

Jack first time wakeboarding on the shortline off the boom. He got up on the boom on his first attempt.

Luke, Lauren and Erin first time combo skiing and doubles on the long line behind the boat.

Ben first time slalom skiing shortline on the boom on his second lesson. First lesson was combo skiing.

Gabrielle combo water skiing on the boom. This was her first time and first lesson!

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