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Wakeboard Jump
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What we do!

There is more fun to be had on the beautiful lakes of New Hampshire than simply boating and jet-skiing.


Learning to water-ski opens up a new activity, sport and challenge for individuals wanting to explore either recreational or competitive water activities.


We teach you how to waterski, wakeboard, wakesurf, kneeboard or barefoot using the best methods and latest technology. You need nothing more than desire. 


Come learn with us before you start investing in a ski boat and expensive equipment.


With each lesson we include:

  • Free use of PFD

  • Free use of wetsuits

  • Free use of ski equipment 

  • MasterCraft ProStar competition boats

  • Expert land and water instruction

  • Guarantee to ski for first timers*


Lessons take place on 

Merrymeeting Lake in New Durham, NH

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